Our Beers

Big Twin Double IPA

Imperial or Double India Pale Ale

Big, juicy and citrus aroma. Comes out a bright golden hue. With throwing in Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops, this beer has a luscious mouthfeel. We added Caramel malt to smooth out the end and really balance out the beer. The dry, lingering will keep you asking for more!

The Story:
Just like the Evolution replaced the Shovelhead, our Big Twin DIPA is evolving into a killer 8% intensely hopped, bright double IPA with a dry but bitter finish. Hopped with mandarina and mosaic, it is a superbly well balanced brew

Food Pairings: Salty, cured meats. Strong, stinky cheeses. Our own bleu cheese bison burger or lamb lollichops!

Craft'd IPA

American-Style India Pale Ale

A hopped up IPA that always maintains the same consistent grain bill. However, we craft our IPA with a new twist each time it is expertly brewed!As we know, hop varietals are growing rapidly and we are always attempting to take advantage of them. Our "Craft'd" IPA will always change based on which hops we want to use at the time. Whenever Craft'd is on, make sure you give it a try!

The Story:
Tribes has earned a reputation as being one of the finest craft beer bars pubs in the Chicagoland area. That means that our beer lists are carefully put together to provide the finest in craft beer to our guests that travel from miles away to enjoy our product. Tribes is also known as a hop forward, IPA focused bar. That being said, we wanted to carefully “craft” each batch of our IPA with the same amount of attention and precision of the other great breweries that grace our handles. Although we are much smaller in production, we encourage each drinker to compare our Craft’d IPA to one of their favorites in a side by side comparison. We are certain Tribes will stand up to the test!

Food Pairings: Bold, spicy foods. Savory salads, spicy tomato or pesto dishes.

Crux IPA

American-Style India Pale Ale

Big, juicy citrus complexity. The rich golden hue is clear as the sky. Typical hop punch but without the long lingering sting. Slight grassy notes but a wonderfully balanced brew.

The Story:
Named after both the celestial constellation and the hops too…heck and the CSN song as well. I think that covers about everyone. This beer is as delightful as a summer’s evening of star gazing. Sit back and relax while sipping a few. The flavor and mouthfeel are remarkable.

Food Pairings: Indian dishes especially those that have strong curry content, Grilled red meats, Mexican dishes and burgers. Pretty much eat anything you like and you can see how they usually compliment each other.

Daylight Kolsch

German-Style Kolsch

Made with Pilsner and Red Wheat malts. Herbal and floral aromas with a clean, crisp mouth feel and slightly sweet finish

The Story:
We wanted to make a beer that is a clean, drinkable light beer true to the German Kolsch style. This one will make the beer geeks excited while also getting the beginners to enjoy a beautifully crafted light beer.

Food Pairings: Lighter food: chicken, salads, salmon. bratwurst; Monterey jack cheese. To be honest - you can drink a Kolsch with anything! If you are hungery, eat! If you are thirsty, crush some Kolsch!

Halcyon Days

American-Style India Pale Ale

At 100 IBU this DIPA will seriously punch you right in the taste buds. Strong and resinous hop aroma. Bitter bite but smooth, yet lingering finish. Not for the faint of heart.

The Story:
A philosopher said long ago “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”. Well…Tribes loves Surly Brewing and Todd The Axe Man. While Todd may have left the blustery, freezing winters of Minnesota for the less than balmy winters of Munster, he leaves behind a great beer that is at the top of most “hop heads” list of favorites. By brewing this beer we simply are paying homage and respect to the beer we all love so much. We think it is a great representation of the Axe Man. Try it…you won’t be disappointed!

Food Pairings: Salty, cured meats. Strong, stinky cheeses. Bleu cheese bison burger or lamb lollichops! Most any food that has a strong and distinctive taste profile.

Lincoln-Way Rye

Rye Ale or Lager with or without Yeast

Crystal and Chinook full-hopped character, dark orange hued in color, light on the nose but has a nice spicy/sweet finish. Caramel sweet maltiness with peppery spiciness from the rye. This is the beer that makes "Lincoln-Way" famous!

The Story:
Named for the Lincoln-Way area where the Tribes Beer Company is located. We paid homage to the towns of New Lenox, Frankfort and of course Mokena, IL.

Food Pairings: Herb roasted potatoes, prosciutto, Jamaican-style jerk chicken. Asiago or parmesan cheese

Not My Circus

Belgian-Style Dubbel

This dark amber ale is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain, which gives it its fruity, banana and apple like aroma. French and Belgian malts lend notes of raisin and freshly baked bread, both on the pallet and the nose, while the floral spiciness of Noble hops lingers in the background.

The Story:
Our Head Brewer, Matt Voelker, has always had a fascination with Belgian beers, particularly those in the Abbey/Trappist categories. The dubbel is often overlooked. Plus, it has the added bonus of growing yeast for a Tripel!

Food Pairings: Smoked, BBQ, and braised meats, burgers, charcuterie, steaks

Santa's Lap Holiday Ale

Spiced Amber Ale; Holiday/Winter Beer

Pouring a deep amber, a rich, toasty caramel sweetness greets your nose; the depths of which are lightened by the spiciness of rye, yet leveled by the intense warmth of clove. All the while sharp, familiar notes of cinnamon are softened by the sweet but slightly bitter peel of Moroccan oranges. An intense experience, surely. Much like those moments so long ago on dear Santa’s lap.

The Story:
Tribes' First Winter Holiday Ale

Food Pairings: All foods we enjoy around the holidays!

Square Hammer Robust Porter

Robust Porter

Robust, full bodied porter with roasted notes of chocolate and dark caramel.

The Story:
This is a “ghostly” dark and mysterious beer just in time for the cold winter months and Halloween. This porter is designed to squarely hit you between the eyes like a hammer. It was designed to warm you up from the inside-out.

Food Pairings: Roasted or grilled meats. Strong cheeses such as gruyere and our world famous peanut butter pie and crème brulee. Oysters and smoked ham.

Sunshine & Sapphire Saison


Brewed using Jasmine rice and grapefruit peel, this isn't your average Saison. While both tend to add mostly to the aroma, the crisp flavors of citrus mingle with the bubble-gummy, fruit forward yeast profile. While French malts give this beer its yellowish hue, German Saphir and Czech Saaz hops add balance through their spicy attributes.

The Story:
Brought about by the line of a country song and a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, Sunshine & Sapphire was born from a man falling in love. It was brewed to accentuate the characteristics that remind our brewer of all the cheesy things that come with getting the girl.

Food Pairings: Citrus, seafood, spicy dishes

The Business End

American-Style Barley Wine Ale

Single El Dorado hopped American style barley wine that his high in both abv and ibu. Big hoppy nose followed by a balanced mid-palate and a slightly caramel finish. This one can do some damage. It definitely drinks smaller than a 9% beer.

The Story:
The “Business End” traditionally means finality…there is no more. Ask any wise guy. He’ll tell ya’. This is a big and bold barley wine that can simply mean “lights out” to any unsuspecting victim. Be careful around this one, or you may not know what hit ya’.

Food Pairings: Stilton and other pungent cheeses and other cured meats often found on charcuterie boards

Tipsy Gypsy Brown Ale

American-Style Brown Ale

A lighter bodied Fall Brown Ale with sweetness from malts and hop notes from dry hopping with cascade

The Story:
After trying beers from far and wide, we always want a nice libation that reminds you of the places you came from. No matter how far you wander, Tipsy Gypsy tastes of home.

Food Pairings: Hearty meats, roast pork, smoked sausage, grilled salmon

Tribes and Tribulations, Pale

American-Style Pale Ale

Tribes & Tribulations is a sessionable Pale Ale at 5% ABV. It gets its light color and moderate sweetness from a malt bill of 100% Golden Promise, from England. It is citrusy and slightly piney aroma comes from Centennial Hops, from the Pacific Northwest; the only hop in this beer. Referred to as a SMASH beer - Single Malt and Single Hop - it is one that will definitely not smash your pallet!

The Story:
A crisp session beer beats all others after a long day of brewing or, really, adulting! A favorite style of our Head Brewer’s to make and also to drink. Who doesn’t like to enjoy the fruits of their labor?!

Food Pairings: A wide range food, from burgers to English cheese to charcuterie

Wolf Trail, Double Pale

American-Style Strong Pale Ale

This double pale ale weighs in at 7.5% ABV and 70 IBU's. A blend of two British base malts gives this very approachable beer it's golden color, while the moderate bitterness (for style) and flavors of citrus from Centennial hops balance its crisp dry finish

The Story:
Named after the original Native American name for Wolf Road, which runs between Tribes' original brewpub and it's upcoming production brewery! Plus all the way to Wisconsin!

Zero to 100, Imperial IPA

Imperial or Double India Pale Ale

This beer is intended to be our interpretation, paying homage, to the true west coast style. Expect big, bold and bracing bitterness with tropical fruit notes of mango and grapefruit. Taste the bold and resinous flavor from massive dry hopping. But you better be careful 'cause this brew will take you from 0-100 real fast!

The Story:
At 10% ABV, this bold Imperial IPA will take you on a Zero-100 joy ride like no other! We requested a larger than life West Coast IPA, that the staff remembered from a trip to San Diego the winter of 2015. Our brewery team was up for the challenge and succeeded. Question now? Are you up for the challenge?

Food Pairings: Sharp cheddar & pungent cheeses. Oysters (believe it or not!)Grilled meats: perfect with our bison burger with bleu cheese & bacon